Extended Warranty - K Guard


  • The K-Guard Plan provides coverage for parts and labor in respect of the Product stated on the Ban Leng Air Conditioning Engineering Sdn. Bhd. (775244-K) Authorised Business Partner’s sales order / sales invoices for covered inherent mechanical and electrical breakdown only and only to the extent provided by the manufacturer of the Product. Coverage is concurrent with and extends beyond the Original Manufacturer’s Warranty, and will commence upon expiry of the Original Manufacturer's Warranty and is provided only insofar as the obligations of the Original Manufacturer's Warranty are concerned. The period of coverage is subject to payment of the applicable fee for the Extended Warranty Plan selected. 

  • Mechanical or Electrical Breakdown shall mean the breaking or burning out (electrical) of any parts of the Covered Product arising from mechanical or electrical defect, causing a sudden stoppage of their functions, necessitating repair or replacement. 

  • On-site service charges for repairs are covered only if the original manufacturer's warranty states on-site service. 

Product Eligibility

The K-Guard Plan may only be purchased upon purchase of a Product and only covers a Product which

  •  It was purchased from Ban Leng Air Conditioning Engineering Sdn. Bhd. (775244-K) / Authorised Business Partner

  • Is manufactured for use in Malaysia; 

  •  Included at the time of purchase the manufacturer's complete and original warranty is valid in Penang; 

For Repairs

  • If the manufacturer's warranty period for the Product has not expired, the repair will be carried out by the manufacturer or their Authorised Repairer directly.

  • If the manufacturer's warranty period has expired and the K-Guard Plan is in effect, call 04-5397966 (Service Careline) during office hours for product repair authorization. Repairs must only be carried out by K-Guard Authorised Repair Centre.

  •  It shall be a term of this Extended Warranty Plan that in the event of a breakdown that may give rise to a claim for Repairs under this Plan, the equipment covered under this Plan must be presented to the Authorised Repairer within the covered period and in any case, within fourteen (14) days of the happening such event.

  • K-Guard will replace your product with one of like kind and quality if it is not repairable or beyond economic repair. Any replacement of your covered product in its entirety shall fulfill all K-Guard's obligations under your Extended Warranty, and K-Guard shall have no further obligations for the remainder of the term of this Plan, if any. Due to technological advances, the replacement product may be of lower retail value than the original Product. The replaced Product (the spoilt unit) shall become property of K-Guard Administrator.

  • Replacement parts will be new, original, or non-original manufacturer’s parts that perform to factory specifications of the product determined at the K-Guard Administrator's discretion.

  • Decision to proceed for repair or replacement of the product determined at the K-Guard Administrator's discretion.

  • The cost of dismantling of the Products will be paid in the event of a valid claim. However, if upon dismantling it should be found that the damage is not within the scope of the Extended Warranty, then the cost of dismantling must be borne by the Insured, always subject to the contract Limits of Liability. 

  • The cost of maintenance service of the Products must be borne by insured in regardless the damage is within the scope of the Extended Warranty.

  • The Company reserves the right not to carry out work under the terms of this contract if any of the conditions specified has not been complied with or if the claims are not due to the defective material. 

  • The Company reserves the right to carry the Product to the Company’s premise for any detailed inspection.

  • Coverage will not, under any circumstances, extend to any loss or injury to a person or loss or damage to property or any incidental, contingent, special, or any direct or indirect loss and consequential damages including but not limiting to losses incurred due to any delay in rendering service related to this Contract and loss of use during the period that your Product is at an authorised repairer and/or while awaiting parts.

  • Consult us to determine if the failure to operate is due to circumstances that may be corrected by yourself. If the breakdown is not covered by the Extended Warranty, you will be charged for the cost of the repair. 

Authorised Repairer     

Any repairer appointed by the Company to service/repair the Insured Product, may change from time to time without prior notice. 


This contract can be transferred to another purchaser with the due written consent of the transferor and must inform the Company in writing. The Extended Warranty contract has no refundable value and cannot be transferred to another product.     

Coverage Exclusion

This policy specifically does not apply to any liability arising out of the following: 

Problems or defects not covered under the manufacturer’s original written warranty, repairer’s warranty, or any other warranties in effect. 

  • Products that are still covered by the manufacturer’s original written warranty, repairer’s warranty, or any other warranties in effect. 

  • Liability to anyone other than the Service Contract Holder, as the case may be. 

  • The cost of repairs, replacement, parts, and labour costs which are caused by the manufacturer’s defects or inherent faults involving recall, modification, replacement, or repair of all products in a model range. Examples include but are not limited to external and internal sweating of fridge, freezer, and chiller. 

  • Negligence of the Service Contract Holder of any kind. 

  • Use of the service in any illicit trade or transportation or in the commission of a felony.

  • Appearance or structural items, such as housing, case or frame, decorative parts or parts designated to be replaced periodically during the life of the product. 

  • Non-operating and cosmetic items, paint, color or product finish, accessories used in or with the eligible product; cables, cords, glass, lens, cartridges and stylus, tapes, add-on options incorporated in a product for which options are not essential to the basic function of the Product for which the Service Contract was purchased. 

  • Repair, replacement or maintenance of items that have been subject to normal wear and tear such as cases, key caps, knobs, buttons, handles, bins, racks, filters, aircon swing blades, fan blade, door gasket, outer tub, pulsator, burner cap, burner head, antennas, remote control, battery chargers, or mechanical parts of the Product. 

  • Consumables such as vacuum cleaner belts, toner, print or ink cartridges, bulbs, compact discs, digital tapes, etc. 

  • Batteries, internal or external to the Product whether such batteries are rechargeable or not, and non-rechargeable OEM batteries. 

  • Software (including operating system and any stored data), defects resulting directly from software installation and or removal, computer virus, virus prevention, and other peripherals. 

  • Faults in any wiring, electrical connection or plumbing, piping, trunking, fitting, realigning of signal receivers (poor reception), and consequential loss of any kind. 

  • Manufacturer’s recommended routine maintenance, inspection, cleaning, lubrication, adjustments or alignments, and other instructions. 

  • Damage caused by accident, neglect, abuse, misuse, theft, sand, water damage, corrosion, rust, excessive heat, battery leakage, acts of god (including without limitation, events such as fire, flood earthquake, war, invasion, act of foreign enemy, hostilities or warlike operations, civil war, civil commotion), commercial use (multi-user organizations), public rental, use for profit or communal use for multi-family housing, power outages or surges, inadequate or improper voltage or current (fluctuation of electrical power, lightning, static electricity), improper environment (including lack of proper temperature or humidity). 

  • Unauthorized modifications made to the Product and/or problems/defects arising from such unauthorized modifications; altered serial/IMEI numbers; failure to follow manufacturers’ instructions on installation, operation or maintenance; repairs performed by non-authorized repairer; any items not affecting the function of the Product; image burn. Damage caused by unauthorized repair or replacement of covered products shall result in the cancellation of this plan. 

  • Reception and transmission problems resulting from external causes. 

  • Costs of removal or reinstallation unless specifically included in the Service Contract. 

  • Any failure, malfunction, defect, inoperability, breakdown, disruption, or stoppage of the Product or any Product, functions or the functions of any related to, directly or indirectly any design, planning or engineering incompatibility. 

  • Failure to follow manufacturer’s recommended instructions for installation, operation, routine care maintenance, inspection, cleaning, removal of odors, lubrication, external adjustments etc. including problems cause by a device that is not the Product, including equipment/accessories that are not OEM, whether or not purchased at the same time as the Product. 

  • Repairs necessitated by accidental or intentional physical damage (such as chipping, denting, scratching). 

  • Cracked glass due to omission, negligence or default. 

  • Damage due to organic infestation, animal and insect infestation (from internal and/or external sources). 

  • Commercial use (multi-user organizations), public rental, use for profit or communal use for multi-family housing. 

  • Repairs to hardware that has been added after the original purchase of the Product.

  • Shipping charges and damage, express service charges, transportation damage, removal, installation or reinstallation of the Product, products on loan during the repair process. 

  • Any costs incurred where no fault is found or the fault is not covered under this Policy.

  • Repairs where prior authorization has not been obtained. 

  • Damages caused by repair work or failure to perform repair work by the K Guard Authorized Dealer, its agents or employees, or any other Repair Facility, its agents or employees. 

  • If the product is moved out of the country of purchase, it will not be covered by this Extended Warranty. 

  • Exclusions specifically stated in the Service Contract hereto.

Entire Agreement

This is the entire agreement between K-Guard and the Purchaser of the Product and no other oral or written representation is valid. In the event of any inconsistency between the English text and text in other languages, the English version shall prevail.