8 Myth About Inverter Air Conditioner

8 Myth About Inverter Air Conditioner

“I don’t turn on my air cond too frequently thus I am not necessary buy inverter unit.”
You don't need to run your air conditioner frequently to benefit from an inverter unit. Inverters offer improved comfort, air quality, part durability, smooth operation, advanced technology, and, most importantly, energy bill savings.

“Open area cannot install inverter because it cannot save electric.”
In open area like living room, inverter unit can still save energy, but not as efficient in closed areas. We’ll assess your area size and recommend the appropriate unit size. Our office installations have demonstrated significant energy savings, resulting in a lower electric bills.
We already run non-inverter piping, thus I cannot install inverter unit.”
Your piping is compatible with both inverter and non-inverter air conditioning units since they use the same refrigerant gas. The only concern is the wiring. Inverter units require 4 wires, while non-inverter units need 3 wires. Fortunately, it's common for new installations to have 4-wire setups, so you can likely install either type without a problem.

“I heard inverter units are always with higher maintenance fee.”
Not necessary. Inverters and non-inverters share the same refrigerant, structure, and most parts, so maintenance and repair costs are similar. The key difference is the inverter's outdoor board. But, it have seen improvements in outdoor board design to reduce faults, which are now less of a concern."

People said inverter unit can bring comfort cooling. why?
Inverters bring comfort through consistent temperature control and special features for a more comfortable experience. They ensure a smoother, uninterrupted cooling experience for users.

Inverter can extend compressor durability. Why?
Inverters extend compressor life by adjusting the compressor speed smoothly based on room temperature, unlike non-inverters that switch on and off abruptly due to temperature fluctuations.
“People said open 8 hours then only can save electric.”
This is absolutely not true! Inverter already kick in when air cond has cool down the room. f you use it for shorter periods, it may take longer to see the return on investment. Initially, both inverter and non-inverter units work similarly, but once the temperature is reached, inverters run more efficiently, while non-inverters turn off.
How much electric bill we can save for having inverter unit?
We determine inverter unit savings using the CSPF (Cooling system performance factor) rather than just kWh/hour. CSPF considers factors like capacity, airflow and others, following in Suruhanjaya Tenaga guidelines. With CSPF, It provides a percentage of energy efficiency and helps us assess potential savings accurately.

Don't worry, folks! We've got 30 years of professional experience in air conditioning. Trust the pros! 

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